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A return to the garden in Eden.

You know, no matter how many times I hear that reading a passage in scripture will be different each time I read it, I’m still stunned when it happens. Especially when it hits me that I’ve been missing a detail that’s been right under my nose. Like today, when I realised that Adam was NOT created in the Garden in Eden. Shooketh!

Hey Family!
I know, I know. I’ve been away for a while. 5 months and some change, to be exact. The short of it is that it’s been hard to write. Between taking several months to be away from social media, taking the time to remember why I started blogging in the first place, dealing with doubt surrounding many things, personal life challenges, and then my website being down for almost a month just when I was ready to get back to it. It’s been a lot.

But over the period that I’ve been away one thing that has stuck out in my mind, like a sore thumb, was the thought of Eden. The Garden in Eden, to be more precise. And I keep saying “in Eden” and not “of Eden” because that is the correct translation from the Hebrew text. But also, Genesis 2 vs 8 says the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden.” Go read it if you don’t believe me.

For the most part, the thought has been around the calm and serenity that I imagine was in that garden when Adam & Eve lived there. Before sin intruded. Especially considering how I personally kept craving a calm in the midst of the noise and chaos that is this world we currently live in. And I wondered about 2 things.
1. If those around me felt this need too. The need to regularly quiet their minds and thoughts in order to do life productively.
2. How does this desire tie into Eden, and ultimately my relationship with Jesus.

So, I set out to understand Eden. And what I found left me having to pick my own jaw off of the floor. But also, it solidified the thought train I’ve had for the past couple of weeks. That a return to Eden is both necessary and possible for each and every one of us.

The origin of Eden.

The word Eden originates from the Hebrew language, and its root word is comprised of 3 Hebrew letters, each of which has a pictorial meaning. The three letters together paint beautiful imagery that God holds continuous even into the New Testament.

Those 3 letters are Ayin, Dalet and Noon ( ‘A-D-N’ {ע-ד-נ})
Let’s look at the meaning of these words.

Noon ___Dalet ___Ayin

 Ayin is pictured as an Eye and it means:
To See – To Know – To Experience – To Understand
Dalet is pictured as a Door that opens up to a Pathway
Noon is pictured as a Fish and it means Life and Activity.

The picture translation of Eden is therefore not hard to figure out.

Eden is a place where you open the door and enter the pathway that leads to life.

Having learnt this definition of Eden, I now shifted my attention to Genesis 2 vs 15. There I noticed that God placed Adam in Eden.
Meaning, God did not create Adam in the garden. Further evidence is when God decides to banish him and Eve from the Garden in Eden “to work the ground from which he had been taken” (Genesis 3 vs 23). The ground outside of the garden.
However, it is clear to see that from the beginning of the creation of man, God has always wanted him (man) to experience Life. To experience Him, because He is life itself.

But, we all know how that story goes. The serpent deceives Eve, they both eat the fruit, sin enters the world and death occurs. Well, a spiritual death first, since the death God was referring to in Genesis 2 vs 17 is essentially separation from God and therefore separation from Life itself. In being separated from the source of life, the door to everything else outside of the divine life that God gives is then opened. Remember, Adam & Eve are banished from the garden. So, they are placed outside of what it is that leads to life (remember our definition of Eden).

Is all hope lost?

Well. A quick fast track to a couple of thousand years later, and Jesus enters the scene. In more ways than one, He is the physical representation of Eden again. We see it in the purpose He comes to fulfil which is to reconcile us with the Father. To reconcile us with Life. Some of the scriptures that speak to this are:

1. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

– John 10 vs 10

2. “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ ” 

– John 14 vs 6

3. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.”

John 15 vs 1

With these 3 scriptures alone, we see how Christ represents Eden. We can see how Jesus has become for us the only doorway to eternal life. That said, as mankind, we ought to return to Eden.

How do I return to the Garden in Eden?

For the unbeliever, this means repenting from your sin and confessing the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It also means, choosing to do life with the one who came to give us life. Granted, because we live in a fallen world, external influences will still try to disrupt your walk. But thankfully there is assurance in who Christ is, and what He has brought for you.

For the believer, a return to Eden speaks more to the quality of the relationship that you have with Jesus. I had to analyse mine, during that time I mentioned above where I was constantly craving a calm. A different sort of peace and quiet. Eventually, I realised that this desire is because I tend to visit Eden, rather than living in it. Dwelling there.

I wander away, and then when I feel the effects, I quickly run back. And that is not where I’ve been created to be. I desire a meaningful, purposeful and serene life from a deep place within me, and this speaks to the need for my heart to stay connected to The Vine that is planted in The Garden in Eden. And that is Jesus.

Can I tell you, this is only but a fraction of the realisations the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention as I have been meditating on Eden. But for now, this is where our conversation pauses. Let’s continue another day and talk a little bit more about WHY a return to Eden matters, and also HOW to do it.

But before I go, I’m curious to know what you’ll be taking with you from this blog post into your everyday life. Let me know in the comment section down below.
I can’t wait to hear from you! 😁

Grace & Peace to you & yours
– Xo, Jo 🌺

4 thoughts on “A return to the garden in Eden.

  1. That Jesus represents Eden chat?

    And it makes so much sense.
    May we stay in Eden and not merely visit!

  2. It leads me to a deeper question… why did the father create the garden in Eden for Adam? It has something to do with who God is.

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