Hi There 🙂

You might be wondering who I am, or what I’m about.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit – Proverbs 15:13

I’m Joelle (pronounced Jo-well), and I’m the face behind the posts on this blog. I could have said the heart behind the posts, but I believe God is the one whose heart is behind each post. I’m just the vessel. 😊

An ambivert of note, I enjoy thought provoking conversations – whether verbal or written. Reading, writing, natural hair, good food, making up random songs on the spot and laughter are just a few of the things I’m really big on.

Joy is the the order of the day – always.


Faith, Fros & Food was birthed in 2017, during a difficult time in my life. That year I spent most of my time alone, and to keep myself from sinking into a depressive state with all that was happening around me, I decided to write. To write about experiences that test and strengthen my faith. Life with Jesus is an everyday thing, and I’ve come to realise that God is interested (concerned) about everything that matters to me.

My walk of faith, my natural hair, and what I feed my body. All of these matters to me.

My Faith: because it is the foundation of how I do life, and why I relate to people the way I do.

My Fro: because I’ve been on this journey of learning to understand my natural hair, take care of it, and have now grown to love and appreciate it. The tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years, I want to share them with those who are interested.

My Food: because who doesn’t love good food right? But also, as a Uni student I’m always on a budget. My meals too, and I’ve learnt to make the most of the ingredients in our pantry. I believe you can too.

With all that said, this blog isn’t entirely about me, nor is it 100% for me. It is for you and a friend, cousin, brother or sister. It is for anyone interested in the walk of Faith with Jesus Christ and has questions they are yet to have answered.

It is also for the natural haired girl (particularly 4c/4b hair) who is learning how to take care of her hair on a super tight budget (lol, the joys of student life!). Lastly, it is definitely for the foodie who 9/10 times doesn’t have most of what’s on the ingredients list but still wants to wing it and have the recipe taste good.

Granted, I don’t have the answers to all the questions, but I believe that together we can develop a space where those who do know help out those who don’t. A safe space where – by God’s Grace – none of us is afraid to be vulnerable for the purpose of internal amelioration. Both for ourselves and – in Jesus’ words – our neighbour.

So, let’s grow together! 🙂

– Xo, Jo 

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