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First Friday: March

Gratitude jar
Enjoy the little things in life… for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.

Dear Family. I have a confession. I’ve been living with this secret for about 32 days and some change. But I can’t do it anymore. I think, since we’ve gotten so close over the last 2 years, it’s only right that I be honest with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A NEW HOME!! In case you haven’t noticed, the house layout (read as blog theme) around here is a little different. I mean, you may notice a lot of the furniture (read as blog posts) from our old home, however the biggest change is our new address. We are now, officially, stationed at .

Woah guys! I don’t think you understand how excited I am about this! Let me give you a bit of context – because what’s a testimony without a backstory right?

In 2017 when I first started Faith, Fros & Food I didn’t have any money to purchase a domain, let alone pay for it monthly/yearly. However, it was necessary that I write, both for the purpose of using my God given gift as well as reaching the hearts of God’s people with His word. So, I looked up free blogging platforms and that’s how I came across wordpress.

That was where I started, writing on a free blog site that had a number of restrictions set out, but one that still allowed me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to share the word, some life lessons, hair lessons and food as well. One of the biggest restrictions was that this blog’s domain had to include “

Fast forward to late 2018/early 2019, and the desire to have an uncluttered website domain starts to tug at my heart every now and again. And every now and again, a few people would ask me if I’m not keen on having my own domain. My excuse was always “I’m tryna save up for it”, when honestly, a part of me didn’t think I’d have what I needed to sustain it, when it comes to the financial aspect.

But you see, learning and growing in God’s word pushes you to grow in your faith that He stays true to His promises. Remember, in October, I talked about making a vision board for #Vision2020? Well, I made mine, and on it I put up that I’m believing God for a self-hosted website by February 29th. I told Him “I don’t know where the money will come from, but all I know is that You are a provider. I know that You will take care of it all”

Listen!!! When I say God hears our prayers and sees our faith, believe me, because I speak from experience.

The short of it is that God came through for your girl through a friend in my life. As of February 3rd 2020, I had an up and running blog site that was paid for. Not a single cent came from my own pocket I tell you. February 3rd, 26 days before the end date I’d put on my vision board. And mind you, this particular goal I’d put up on my vision board in the last week of December. So, the way everything worked out really could only be by God. For that I’m forever grateful.

Which brings me to the theme for this month (and the rest of this year really): Gratitude.

“He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what He has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the Lord” – Psalm 40:3

It’s easy for us to focus our minds, our words, our thoughts and our energy on everything we think is going “wrong” in our lives. What that also means is that our attention shifts away from all the great things God is doing in our lives every single day. In truth, there is something to be grateful for, everyday, even in the midst of trials.

This is why writing down what we’re grateful for each day (or at least once a week) is a good habit to cultivate. It turns our focus over to how good God is. In the little things, and in the big things too. On the sunny days, and the cloudy days too. Literally and figuratively.

This month, I’d like to encourage each of us to have’keep a gratitude Jar. It can be an old Mayo jar or peanut butter jar. Just make sure that it’s cleaned out with no residue that could stick to the gratitude note.

A gratitude jar

Take at least 5 minutes at the end of each day to sit down and write 3 things you’re grateful for about that day. It could be answers to prayers, beautiful moments throughout the day, unexpected experiences, lessons learnt. Practically anything. Fold up the piece of paper, and place it in the Gratitude Jar.

The only catch to this is, you can only open these notes at the end of the year, when your jar is filled with gratitude notes from the whole year.

This does two things.:

In the moment, it shows you that there is something good in everyday. That there is God in every day. At the end of the year, it reminds you of just how Good God is, and just how present He’s been in your life.

There is a Chinese proverb that says “The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”. I completely agree. No matter how great one’s memory may be, when we sit down to reflect, there is so much we skip over even as there is so much we remember. So from today, or this weekend at least, challenge yourself to get into having a gratitude jar. I promise, you wont regret it!

With that said, welcome to the month of March! And of course, welcome to our new home!

I hope we will all settle in well. I’m currently in the process of getting used to this new home’s layout, so bear with me. I’m also, probably going to get us a new couch (Lol), so that our couch conversations (AKA #LetsTalk sessions) will be a lot more comfortable. For both you, and I.

I love you immensely.

But remember that God loves you so much more!!

Grace & Peace to you & yours
– Xo, Jo 🌺

16 thoughts on “First Friday: March

  1. Super excited about our New home guy!!
    Got made love for you Joelle, I really see everything that God is doing in & through you life its inspiring.

    1. Richyi !!
      Thank you so much for coming through, and I’m so glad you’re excited about our new home! Maybe you can help me pick out the furniture, yes?

      I’m so grateful that everything evidently points to Him. All this really is because of Him. ❤️

      Much love, xx.

    1. Lol!! We thank God oo. Baba God been too good to us! As I play ‘everybody testify You are good…’

      Thank you so much Bonga! And for your continued support, I appreciate it so much! ❤️

    1. Will probably test out a few before I find the perfect couch hey lol.
      So glad you love our new home sis!

  2. Congratulations our new home boo. Awesome to see what God is doing in your life babe. Also, when is the house warming? Net for control
    Love you boo

    1. My babe of life !!
      I’m beyond grateful to have you in my life, honestly. I love and appreciate you so much! ❤️

      Hahahah, let me at least get THE couch, and some paintings and then we’ll talk housewarming.. and you’re planning it by the way.

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful invite. I’m so excited for this new home and I must say, it looks beautiful! Here’s to mannnnyyy many more

    1. Friend!! Hahah, this.. this has me a little emotional. Thank you so much! ❤️ I hope you’ll be coming through more often. Yes?

    1. Heyyy!! Welcome to the family! I’m so glad you like it here. Make yourself at home. This is, after all, our home 🙂

      Where did you hear about the blog?

  4. First time here…Congratulations on your new home. Praise God for his had in your life. Looking forward to settling in…

    1. Zaritho! Hey!! Thank you so much for stopping by (lol, I recognize you from IG).
      I’m hoping that you’ll be a regular in our new home, yes?

  5. Congrats honey pie , I’ve already diarized a house warming gift don’t worry it’s big and definitely not digital …

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