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Fro Feature: Melissa Bambie

Change is the only constant. An odd statement, one that seems contradictory when looking at the word placement ( change vs constant). However it holds very true when one considers it’s meaning. Whether we like it or not, parts of us are constantly changing, evolving, growing and developing. More often than not, it is our responsibility to be proactive in initiating the change we want to see take place in our lives. Be it our health, our habits and even our hair.

Today we have a special guest on the blog. Join me as I probe a little into her natural hair journey.

Meet Melissa 🌻

I am Love.

I am Light.

I am HappiArtNess. Lol, yes I put two words as one

  • Introduce yourself to the people, and give 3 words that best describe you.
    • “Melissa is the name. Lover and follower of Christ. I resemble love, happiness, light and art. I am a performer, creative and a nurturer. In 3 words I am Love, Light, HappiArtNess. Lol yes I put two words as one”
  • Tell us a little bit about your hair journey. Why did you decide to return natural and what was the process like?
    • My natural hair journey started in 2016. I decided I wanted to go back because I always loved my curly hair but it was suffering because of the heat [from constant straightening], and I figured the only way I can go back is if I start afresh. I met a lady at a salon who I told about my natural hair, turns out she was a natural hair enthusiast so she helped me transition into the natural hair. We chopped some and then we treated it every week. As it would grow we gradually kept cutting until we felt the majority of the heat damage was cut out. “

Pre-transition. Hair is dyed (bleached) and straightened.
“This was during my transition. I would sometimes wear my hair straight out of comfort and because it was easier to manage. I didn’t really know how to managed my natural curls.”
“This was after many chops and treatments, when most of the heat damage was cut off. There were still a few strands with heat damage”
  • Were your friends and family accepting of your decision to grow out your natural hair?
    • “My friends were for it, but my mom didn’t like it so much because in her head, straight hair is the Beyonce. She would tell me up front that curly hair was untidy and rough looking.”
  • How did your mom’s perspective make you feel, about the journey and your natural hair in general?
    • “Sometimes when it comes to a personal journey, you gotta not take in what other people say or feel about it. You gotta be alone on that journey. Its necessary. Regardless of the position of the person in your life. “
  • What was your hair care routine during your transition period?
    • “I would wash and treat it weekly at the salon.
      During this time we used L’Oréal treatments, Cantu deep conditioner, Design Essentials products as these were best suited for my hair texture. For oil I used coconut oil.”
  • So, you recently did a semi big chop. Tell us about that… Why did you decide to do it, and what was it like letting go of all that length?
    • “I hadn’t cut my hair in a while lol. And suddenly the little heat damages pieces I saw bothered me. So I ended up cutting more than the damaged hair. Letting go of the length was refreshing for me. Felt like a change is coming but I had to let go of one thing I love.”
“How long it was before my recent chop”
First chop…

Said goodbye to heat damage.

Second chop…

Said goodbye to actual curls

  • Has your hair care routine changed since then, and what are you doing differently now to ensure that the health of your hair takes first priority?
    • “My care routine has changed since my hair is healthier now. So I just wash once a week, the deep condition or treat once a week. And I use coconut, olive and castor oil as a sealant and moisturiser.”
  • Lastly, what advice would you give to someone looking to embark on a natural hair journey, or one who’s currently on one but isn’t sure in what direction they’re headed?
    • “Don’t think too much about it. Do it. It’s going to be tough. There will be a time where you look ugly lol. But the process is not always meant to be nice. You just gotta trust it, and know why you’re doing it”

I believe Mel’s advice can be applied to any journey we want to embark on in life. Just do it, don’t overthink it, because overthinking things can kill the idea in its seed form. As the saying goes, sometimes it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to get done.

Major thanks to Mel for sharing her journey with us.

Let me know in the comment section if there’s any other type of natural-hair related post you’d like to see on the blog in the near future. (For any hair type and length)

Grace & Peace to you & yours
– Xo, Jo 🌺

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