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The Foundation of our worship – Part 2

“And the one on whom seed was sown on the good soil…”

Family, I’m back! With another #WorshipWednesday post. And this one, this is one I’m excited about!! Can you tell?

Two weeks ago, we spoke on the foundation of our worship. That the foundation should be something/someone that can stand the tests of time. We also established who/what that is. Do you remember? If you don’t, pause RIGHT HERE and go and read our previous #WorshipWednesday post. Then you can come back.

Read our previous post: The Foundation of our worship.

As I was writing the previous post, I kept thinking of a building as the extended metaphor for this series. In line with thinking of the foundation came the thought of the place where a foundation is laid. Foundations are never laid on top of the soil, but instead, they are laid within the soil.

I wrestled with this thought for a bit, trying to understand what exactly that symbolised and how it relates to your worship. My worship. Our worship of God. Let’s think about it a little further. If a foundation is laid within the soil, then that should equate to God’s word being laid in our hearts. Not on it, not around it, but in it. The Psalmist (King David) mentioned it in psalm 119 vs 11 saying I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” Job 22 vs 22 also says “Receive instruction from His mouth, and lay up His words in your heart

My thinking continued into the days following the post.
Just as I was about to let go of the thought, God used His servant to speak into this thought and, I guess, bring it back to life. This servant’s name is David Kande, and as he gave me feedback on the previous post from a biblical perspective, he added so much more (by the guidance of the Holy Spirit I believe). Around the thought of the soil of a foundation, he said:

“It is great to have Jesus Christ as the foundation but I feel, and I strongly believe, it starts way deeper than that. I’m not saying there’s something greater than Jesus, but what I’m saying is the foundation ‘Jesus’ is a universal foundation. Until that foundation becomes personal.

Worship is not just about knowing the foundation. It’s about where the foundation is laid. So, I have a friend who went to build a house on land he bought. He said to me ‘David I spent over R700 000, not on equipment but on cleaning the ground.’ So I was like what do you mean you had to clean the ground? He says to me ‘there were a lot of ants, there were just all sorts of insects and I had to make sure that the ground where they were gonna lay the foundation is cleaned up before we could start building. Why? Because those things eat through the concrete.’

That’s why we have cracks in our houses. Not because the wind was blowing at it, or because the foundation is not strong. But because there are things that have eaten through the concrete. There are little things here and there, little bad knowledge here and there, things you watch, things you hear, stuff that you experience that can mess up your worship.

I mean, we have the greatest worship foundation who is Jesus Christ but we still have people who can’t worship in truth and in spirit. And so, the biggest issue actually has never really been about the foundation. It has always been about where we lay the foundation. The ground on which we lay the foundation.
That’s where the real issue is.”

Y’all already know my jaw dropped after that. I said yes! That is it! That’s exactly it! To make things a lot clearer, let me insert some pictures to show you all what I mean by a foundation being set in the soil.

This is a simple sketch of what it looks like for a foundation (in this case the footing) to be set in the soil.

This is a physical representation of the same.

It makes sense for our hearts to be the soil in which the foundation is laid. Thinking more on this, the parable of the sower came to mind. (Matthew 13:1-23)
Here, Jesus speaks about 4 different types of ‘hearts’ that receive the word. The word of God here is depicted as a seed, and in the first example we see it being sown along a path. The second time, we see it falling on rocky ground. The third, among the thorns and lastly, we see the same seeds falling on good ground. I won’t go into the details of it all, go and read your bible fam. Lol.

But, in verse 23 Jesus says But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.

Let’s just stop for a moment. Notice that its not just any kind of soil but Good Soil.

Notice here that these seeds are being sown/planted into the ground. The soil.

I did my research on the process(es) that take place before the foundation of a building is laid, and found that the soil ALWAYS needs to be inspected before any work can commence on a particular land.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4 vs 23

May I say it a little differently? We need to be highly aware of what we feed our hearts. We need to inspect what we both allow or have allowed into our heart. Not by our own strength and/or wisdom, but by that which we have in the Holy spirit, whom the Father has given us. He is the only one who can thoroughly search and know our hearts (Psalm 139:23), and pinpoint problem areas. Areas that eat away at the foundation of Jesus in our hearts.

To the point where we find it difficult to worship Him.

For some of us, it’s guilt, shame, embarrassment. For others, its hurt/pain, discouragements/disappointments. For others, it may be words that were said to you that cut you deep. It may just also be the things you’ve allowed yourself to take in. Certain songs we’ve listened to, movies/series we’ve watched, books we’ve read. The list is unending.

Don’t get me wrong, what I am not saying is that one needs to “clean up” before coming to Christ. No.
But, what I am saying is that, with being IN Christ, and choosing to live a life of worship unto the Father, our hearts should be open to allow Him to do the surgery or clean up that is (constantly) necessary in order to rid it of anything that will stand in the way of our genuine worship to Him.

Today, I leave a you with a call to action.
Take the time to sit with the Holy Spirit, and talk with Him about the state of your heart. The condition of your soil, and how that’s impacting your worship. I know for a fact that He’ll be more than willing to walk through it with you.

Grace & Peace to you & yours
– Xo, Jo 🌺

10 thoughts on “The Foundation of our worship – Part 2

  1. Joey Joey Joey!!! The Lord has sent you to speak to me and for this I’m grateful . To you you’re probably thinking you’re writing a series on Worship, but to me, it’s more of a series on “Matters of the Heart” ♥️. God bless you. Continue to share His word through your writing… Continue making disciples for Him. Peace and love-Lizza

    1. It makes me so happy to know that this series is such a blessing to you ❤️ God is indeed a master communicator, that he can speak to many hearts in different ways in the same message.
      Amen! Thank you so much Lizza!

  2. Thank you so much for this message Jo! The revealed truth contained here is so freeing. God bless YOU

  3. Thank You for sharing this Joe. This is a necessary conversation to have about worship.
    I am of the notion that just like a combination of steel and cement are used to build a strong foundation, there are other thing(s) that need to be mixed into your worship to strengthen it.

    Also on the concept of going deeper to go higher (in line with your building metaphor), I have a good friend who is also a worship leader at our church. She said something to me a long time ago (doubt she remembers herself), and those words have stuck with me as they continue to ring in my head and heart. She said, “You can only lead others into worship as far as you have lead yourself.”

    There are levels to this!!!

    I want to add… This is why the same worship song can slap differently, at different depths, when sung by two different people.

    1. Hey Dan! That’s so true.. worship isn’t one dimensional, and the deeper we go, the more we learn in terms of what to ‘add’ to our worship..

      That last bit! Shuu, I’d never thought of it that way, but it makes so much sense that one song can hit different because of the depth (or lack thereof) of the worshipper’s personal experience in worship to God.. worship really does reflect the heart ey..

  4. The slaps from this post were painful as they were hard okay Joey you know what I’m saying.

    Expanding on this in the same way that the land is cleared before building, the house it self has to be continually cleaned for it to be inhabitable. What I mean is the cleaning is not a once off thing. We never ‘arrive’ rather as we grow in our intimacy with Christ we should continue to take word baths, sanitize our attitudes and disinfect our perspectives.

    1. As the your comments about the slaps, lol!!! Sis, I’m just the vessel hey. God is really doing a work in us with this message series. In myself included.

      I completely agree with you. I believe because there’s so much we are exposed to in a daily basis, both good and bad, our hearts always need to regularly get checked by the word of God.

  5. Joelle Thank you for this new insight you’ve given me on the foundation of my worship. I’m grateful for especially knowing that we don’t have to “clean” ourselves before worshipping him, rather we should completely open up to him and let the Lord operate on our hearts!! Worship will never be the same, this knowledge has brought with it so much light. God bless you

    1. Awww Wande! I’m so grateful that this word blessed you!
      The beautiful thing about God is that He willingly does what only He can do. So we can rest in the assurance that when we open up our hearts to Him, He’ll take over in a way only He can..

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