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Worship: A Love language.

Worship is a word that is not foreign to me. My guess is, it’s not foreign to you either. However, understanding what worship is hasn’t always been as simple. In fact, for the longest time I thought worship was a genre of music. Slow, moving, and anywhere between 3 – 10 minutes long.

Lol, its okay to admit you thought the same thing.

Over the last year or two however, I’ve been learning about worship. The who, what, when, where, why and how of worship. But last week, last week opened my eyes up to a deeper understanding of worship, and I thought of you as I meditated on the teaching. Since we’re growing together, let me share.

A young minister of the Gospel by the name of Joel Kabalu taught on worship last week, and he gave a perspective I’ve never considered. Before diving deep, he gave a brief overview to help us understand why worship is so important to God.

He said: “Worship is the only thing God cannot do. What do I mean by that? In order for one to worship, you need to believe (acknowledge) that there is something much greater than you. You need to acknowledge the superiority of something/someone that is far greater than you. When you study the scripture closely, you find that the Hebrew word used for worship is “Shachah”. It is a verb which means ‘bow down’ or ‘to lay flat on the ground’.

Now, if you know the nature of God, you will know that God does not bow down to anything or anyone for there is nothing above Him. There is only one God (El) who rules over gods and over kingdoms. So, since God cannot worship, He created us (worshipers) so that when we acknowledge His superiority the sound of our voice becomes the melody of worship to His ears”.

My actual reaction

I said woah… wait.. what???

I’d honestly never heard it put that way. Thank God that revelation is progressive. That there is always a deeper knowledge of what you know about the word of God. That way, you never stop learning.

Joel went on to speak of how worship is God’s love language.

For those who have never heard the term Love Language before what it is, is basically the manner in which we as individuals either express or receive affection. There are five love languages for us human beings. Namely: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, receiving gifts & acts of service.

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The reason why these love languages are so effective in relaying to the receiver the message that they are loved, is because it is a language they understand. Just as saying I love you in French to a Filipino native wouldn’t hold much weight, showing love through words of affirmation wouldn’t hold much weight to an individual whose love language is acts of service.

But I digress. Back to the teaching. Worship is the way that conveys our love to God the most. It is not the only way, but it is the most important way.

You see, when God made man in His image, he made us for fellowship. He desired to have a relationship with each of us. And he still does. That’s the foundation of worship – relationship. But a relationship is a two way street. A give and take. Yet many of us find ourselves receiving all the love that God lavishes over us, without reciprocating.

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.” – John 4:23

Where is the intimacy, if we never spend time with the one we say we love? We turn our lover into our stalker, because He is always watching over us, always giving us attention, yet we don’t give it back.

“If you are a lover, how can you love without giving love? That’s just a broken relationship.”

– Joel Kabalu

A relationship where the love is reciprocal, is one that has a strong bond holding it together.

The Benefits of speaking the right Love Language.

I believe God has loved us through all 5 love languages understood by man. Maybe one day I’ll share the poem I wrote about that. But the reason for this is that loving someone in the language they understand, and more especially in the language that resonates with them most does 5 things.

1. It builds a deeper connection: It adds depth to the relationship, because you understand the person on a heart-level. An intimate level. Beyond the superficial.

2. Your energy, time and resources are used right: Whether it be your time, your energy, your money or your effort. All of it is directed to the right place.

3. It shows you respect them: it basically says I understand what’s important to you, and I want to honour that.

4. It repairs relationships: Speaking the right love language is proof of effort, care, and a desire to mend any areas that went sour along the way.

5. Its a productivity tool: I heard someone put it this way. “When relationships are going well and people feel appreciated, we work better together”. There is room for progress. In every aspect.

With all this said, it makes sense that worship is something that matters to God. Deeply.

Next week, we’ll talk a bit more on the foundations of worship. But for today I leave you with one thing. A question.

Judging by your worship, how strong would you say your bond with God is?

Grace & Peace to you & yours
– Xo, Jo 🌺

7 thoughts on “Worship: A Love language.

  1. My first instinct in answering your question was to list all the things I do in ministry. It quickly dawned on me that activity for God does not equal intimacy with God.

    You have given mw something to ponder on. Thanks Joe

    1. That is so so true. Earlier this year, the way my life was going really made me realise that activity for God should be a result of my relationship with Him, and not a substitute for it.

  2. Beautiful! This was am amazing post! I agree. There was a time where I literally felt God make room for me to worship Him. I told Him and came at Him as a wife. I told Him I wanted to spend to time with Him. I knew my moms might have been home so I wasn’t going to be able to worship Him as I’d liked. I pulled into my apartment and I saw my moms car gone. I literally felt like He had set the house for me. It felt like if a husband would send the kids to their grandmas and make sure he had dinner for me and wanted to make time for me. I just began to laugh and talk to Him as I walked into my house. I began to pray and after that, it was me and God lol.

    1. Oh this is so lovely!! As I was reading this the image of us being the Bride of Christ came to mind. God really will do (and has done) what is needed to give us the opportunity to worship Him. That’s how much worship matters to Him. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Saneesha!

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